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Guide to Using the Library Search

You can sort by a column by clicking on the column header,  search for an author or title by typing in the Title or Author fields, below, or filter by Type of Lace, Difficulty, or Language(s) using the dropdowns.  You can limit your view to a broad category of lace by entering a letter in the "IOLI No." field:

B for bobbin lace; 

the B- numbers indicate books with instruction and patterns 

the BP- numbers indicate books with patterns but little or no instruction;

C for crocheted lace;

D for DVD  media;

H for books on the history of lace;

K for knitted lace;

N for needlelace;

P for Power Point;

S for Slides;

T for tatted lace;

U for USB media; 

V for VHS media; and

M for any books that did not fit into the other categories.

You can also simply page through all entries with the arrow controls at the top and bottom right of the listings. 

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